Wealth Management in Plano, TX

Wealth management and planning for the future may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Wealth management in Plano, TX, offered by a fiduciary financial planner, can relieve you of the stress of wealth management and planning for your retirement. At Messett Financial, we offer an array of wealth management services that can help you work towards your financial goals:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning – An extensive overview of your ongoing wealth management needs allows us to protect and grow your assets through retirement and plan for the distribution of your wealth at the right time.
  • Retirement Planning – Calculating the revenue generated from your investments, our financial planners design a personalized wealth management strategy for your finances.
  • Retirement Income Planning – Our wealth management experts determine how to generate more income from your existing assets in retirement, affording you the quality of life you desire.
  • Education Funding Planning – Retirement is just one consideration in wealth management. Education funding planning gets future generations off to the right start.

What is fee-based wealth management?

Fee based wealth management is a wealth management service provided by a financial advisor who only receives compensation from the fee paid by their client. A financial planner providing fee-based wealth management does not receive compensation from commission, kickbacks, or any source other than the fee you pay for their services.

A fee based financial planner is a fiduciary, meaning they have an ethical obligation to work in your best interest. Unlike a financial advisor at a wealth management firm in Plano, a broker-dealer in Plano may not have a fiduciary obligation to their client. Instead, there may be a suitability standard that requires the broker to have a reasonably justified belief that the investments they recommend to clients are suitable for their wealth management portfolio. That is why it’s crucial to ensure that any financial planner providing wealth management in Plano you work with has a fiduciary duty to you as their client.

More about Messett Financial

Messett Financial provides wealth management in Plano, TX. Our financial advisers collectively have over 50 years of experience with wealth management in Plano, TX. This, along with the support of our small team, allows us to offer a personal touch to wealth management that’s uncommon at larger firms. We accomplish this with our four-phase process:

  • Introduction – We discuss our wealth management process with you either by phone or in person.
  • Discovery – Together, we engage in fact-finding discovery to understand your current financial situation and wealth management goals.
  • Planning – Your financial planner constructs a plan for your finances and wealth management.
  • Review – Your financial planner discusses your wealth management portfolio in an ongoing manner and makes adjustments as needed.

As your needs for wealth management continuously evolve, we understand that your relationship with the financial planner providing wealth management in Plano should evolve, too. Our financial planners in Plano will be there with you on your wealth management journey, every step of the way.